Although not, they satisfied Ji Heng external and went ballistic when he noticed his nephew outfitted eg a beneficial girl

Although not, they satisfied Ji Heng external and went ballistic when he noticed his nephew outfitted eg a beneficial girl

To the guy does not want getting Tian Qi to log off, Ji Heng was remaining no choices however, in order to fire a reluctant Tian Qi off her post once the their own doctor to help you appease their sister.

Ji Heng sent Tian Qian so you’re able to an isolated agriculture village so you can commonly a keen herb garden. The guy imagine the father she was away from him the greater becasue ab muscles vision off their annoyed him plenty.

Nevertheless when she are finally out eyes, Ji Heng found that he cannot bed. He had been destroyed their own. His sleepness evening turned into anyone helping your its state as well. In the event that the guy are unable to bed, they dare perhaps not bed.

Sheng Anhui decided to go to get a hold of Tian Qian to inquire of her so you can get back while the Ji Heng and everybody more had had wii evening bed due to the fact she left.

Tian Qian thought about it however, she do not only go back in place of being ordered by the Ji Heng to return. Instead she offered a plant cushion along with her favorite gardenia flower involved so you’re able to Shen Anhui to successfully pass so you’re able to Ji Heng. Which ought to get him to sleep.

Just what Ji Heng asked if the Chun Hua is actually this one, the guy remembered a rest she just after mentioned that she has already been in love with someone

Whenever Sheng Anhui returned to Residence Ji, the guy advised Ji Heng that what he noticed nearly bankrupt his center. Tian Qi was a student in instance an excellent sorry condition. She is actually all skin and you may skeleton, she is throwing away away from the temperature towards the farm.

Ji Heng considered very disappointed and you can guilty on the Tian Qi, the guy advised Sheng Anhui that he is certainly going observe for himself.

However when they got them, Tian Qian are not wasting away. She is actually to make really money getting starting a wonder charm product, an incredibly moisturising dirt medicinal hide one to became popular into the young ladies of one’s town.

Dr Ding was therefore clear on their therapeutic goggles which he went back to help you Mansion Ji giving an example so you’re able to Kang Ning’er and you will Madam Ji. He had been hoping Madam JI might possibly be thus amazed, she would overrule their child and you can render Tian Qi and you can him back again to Residence Ji.

Mr Kang decided to go to Tian Qi and you will Dr Ding’s bungalow and had all of them one another detained to possess maliciously offering an excellent poisoned therapeutic masks to help you one another Ning’er and Madam Ji.

Mr Kang was only about to paddle Tian Qi whenever Ji Zheng along with his dudes arrived to end all of them. He advised Mr Kang that he has no just at all to help you precise abuse so you’re able to people from Residence Ji and its own locality in the place of permission out-of General Ji.

Anyhow Ji Zheng got Tian Qi in order to JI Heng and he said exactly the same thing to Mr Kang. Of course conteГєdo Гєtil, if the guy did something like you to once more, Ji Heng will yourself torture Mr Kang.

However, Tian Qi persevered. She reminded him exactly what he’d said that about military if someone secure you using their lifetime, you have got to come back the newest go for.

But their unique trouble was not over. She was then kidnapped of the Mr Chen and you may delivered to Sun Enthusiast in order to kill and you will torture.

In the event that doorway second launched, it was Ji Heng who had been half amazed and you may half of jealous away from Tian Qian secured when you look at the which have a woman on the facility. He was therefore jealous, he didn’t annoy to inquire of whom closed their unique when you look at the that have Chun Hua?

He informed out-of Tian Qiu having one thing for the money and she are therefore shameless

Ji Heng asserted that Tian Qi and you may Chun Hua don’t need to mask in certain unknown metropolises just like the he’ll plan a marriage anywhere between Tain Qi and you will Chun Hua.

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